Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Said like an South African

Said like an South African

Words created by us South Africans 

Ballie - an older man 
Laitie - a younger person 
Laanie - a smart guy  as in 'well-to-do'
Toyi-Toyi - protest
Gogga - and insect or a bug 
Hayibo! - WOW (from and zulu ,'definitely not')
Poep - fart 
Domkop - idiot 
Ek se - i say 
Voetsek - go away 
Howzit - how you 
Nooit - never 
Babbelas - hangover
Dik bek - grumpy
Dinges - thingamabob, wotzit or a whatchamacallit 

Words other countries will never understand until they come to cape town . 
I am a proud South African. 

motivational quote
Search in your past for what is good and beautiful. And build your future from there.