Friday, 4 March 2016

'Who i was and what i am now...

WHO I WAS.......

I was a very rude boy i did not wanted to take note from big people i wanted my way i wanted to be that kind of guy but no im making a full of my self too pretend im that boy i wanted to impress my guests.

I was taking everything for and joke i was laughing for my life for me it was like i am born to hustle my mom did not wanted to give me money for me it was like im not part of my family i wanted to build a more inclusive society.I was like a wanted person i was part of selling drugs and cops took all my drug  and arrested me.For me it trough my friends because i want too impress my friends because i want to show them i can also do it i was and wine head i use to gamble every day smoking grades.

WHO I AM NOW.......

Who i am now,im a very business man who is living in the brand going out every weekends double the joy for me im rich living the lifestyle i have to latest car in my garage at home but im just driving my favourite car and that is a nissan .Im living next to the sea water big house four mades in my house i have 3 children.

Imagine your life without your job you cant define yourself by it alone.Assistance solution investment future risk value control consultant security

my growth

I was the kind of person that never wanted to admit that i am less that perfect.
I never had faith in myself , always made bad choices.
I never wanted to listen to my aunt because i was stubborn and always wanted things to go my way.

I am 18 years old now and i made a choice in my life, my choice is to actually be the person i want to be.
I am the kind of of person anyone can rely on and i excel under pressure
I don;t want to give up when i still have something to give, nothing is really over until the moment i stop trying.
I am proud to say that i am not afraid to encounter risks, it is that fragile that binds me together.
I have have faith in myself and i believe that almighty changes people and changes things.
I am preparing me for opportunity to make a success of myself.
I pray for those who don;t belief but i thank you that i believe.
Because of the youth cafe i,ve found my purpose, it helps provide a place for me to grow and be the best i can be.
The youth cafe has become my second home and we are all a family.

Who i was

In the past i was i very bad person with absolute no respect for anybody.I was involve with  all the wrong things and surrounded with the wrong crowds.At home none of the people liked me because i had no respect.I was a school drop out,because i failed and didn't want to go further school anymore.When i dropped out of school i started standing every morning on each and every corner.I was always aggressive,if someone interfere with me then i start swearing them out or throw them with bricks.

I gambled each and everyday just to make money to smoke marijuana.I always wanted to take leadership in my crowd that surrounded me.  

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Looking Back At The Past


WHAT IS CHANGE?...Change is the development physically,mentally and emotionally.It impacts our life in different aspects on how we use to be and how we transformed into the person we are today. I've undergone a change in my life and I have the Youth Cafe to thank for it.

I've done a lot of things in past that I'm not proud of and the only person I can blame for that is myself.I come from a family of four,my mom,dad,my sister and I.My dad is the only one that works in the house so most of the time it would be a struggle but we get by through the day. I've always thought that my dad would've liked to have a son because he doesn't interact with us as much as we want him to.He was never there when we would have family functions.When he'd come home from work he would just drop his bag,take a bath and leave again to hang out with  his friends.He is a drug
addict so whenever he needs to buy his things and he didn't have the money for it he would steal of our household things and sell it to someone else just so that he can buy his necessities.

I feel that,that is what impacted my life so strongly,that motivated me to do the wrong things.My first day on high school I immediately interacted with the wrong crowd.I use to party every weekend,drink occasionally,smoke cigarettes among other things and I just felt my life going in the wrong direction.I never trusted anyone,never got personal with anyone.I would always hide my real life away from everyone.My consolation was being on my own listening to music and drawing.As the years went on I came to realize that this isn't the life I wanted for myself.I wanted to make a success of myself,wanted to dream big and make a reality of that dream and the Youth Cafe helped me with that in a lot of aspects.



if I can do it so can you

I used to be a very shy girl ,never wanted to do everything for myself always letting people help me with work and always on my phone , The day i failed grade 9 was so heartbreaking that I decided that enough is enough that why I decided that I really need to get up and work for what i want in life .my mother and father  went different ways my mother raised us on her own  , she was always there for me .i went to a new school to help better my self and end up passing grade 9,10 and 11 and at the moment I'm busy   finish  my metric at C.M.E and doing class at the youth cafe and it's helping me a lot the cafe and it is so much fun and  exciting and awesome cant wait for the next session  .when I'm at the cafe it a total new environment      

The Path I Chose

Contrary to popular belief not everyone goes through or overcomes the same tests and choices in our lives. Not everyone thinks the same or re-acts the same so EVERYBODY is different in some way and this post right here is the journey i took in pursuit of a different and fulfilling life.

Looking back at where ive been i can truthfully say my journey was hard but not impossible.
I come from a large family so growing up my father being a family orientated guy i followed in that path. Family is more important to me than any amount of money or other worldly and corrupted distraction. It literally runs in my veins to be the responsible one and the one to take charge because of many elements and tribulations that had tested me in the past.

One of the most influential incidents that changed  my perceptive of life is finding out that my mother and father were not meant for each other and there paths and time together were limited and they separated. This happened round about the time i was 12 years old, and having a younger brother and sister around looking up to me i had to step up my game and be the responsible one but being the oldest son in our family the title of "boeta" was always set out for me and i had no choice but to accept the responsibilities.

I now have 4 sisters and a younger brother to look after but coming to terms with who i am and my responsibilities as the oldest boy has made me a better person. In my religion we call that person who takes charge in his family The Wakeel which practically means Man of the House and 
i have accepted this responsibility to the fullest.

My life's story

My life has been an epic one full of trials and tribulations that sometimes brought me down to a point of no return or so i thought.My journey through a  hellish cycle made me appreciate everything good or bad,because without either of the other neither can be appreciated.

My father was murdered and it shook me like an earthquake in a flood,i thought that nothing seemed to be of purpose and that whatever effort i made would just get fluffed of like cannon fodder.I was as negative as can be and my motivation did not seem to exist,The year my father was murdered i failed grade 9 and that took what little motivation i had,if any.
i finally completed grade 9 and moved on to grade 10,but something still did not sit well with me in terms of my life and who i wanted to be...i could not figure out what was eating at me from the inside.My fathers death may have played a role in my lack of confidence but there was something more to it than that,there was a serious urge in me to desperately find out who and what i wanted to be,what makes me happy,what makes me tick.It was a year journey of misconception and lack of communication between me and my family and at the beginning of grade 10 i dropped out,not knowing what i was doing but just feeling it was right and so the year went on i was out of control.
Then one day i came to a conclusion what really makes me happy,that which makes me tick that makes me who i am,it was my love for the ocean,i thought about it over and over and i still came to the conclusion that the ocean drove me as an individual,my love for the ocean and wanting to be by it pulled me out of a situation that already buried me so deep,but then i thought what of my schooling.However that was not a problem as my drive was there,and my determination to become a marine biologist managed to get me to matric and i succeeded.Today i sit at the youth cafe,not yet a marine biologist but in hopes of still becoming one,the youth cafe keeps me concentrated and motivated,i am here to improve myself and i am willing to take on whatever challenges awaits for me in order to achieve my dream that saved me.

The conclusion to my story is to never forget who you are and what your passion is,the love for what you really love can save your life without anyones help,it worked for me because it gave me drive and determination to get through the toughest part of my life so far and i am confident it will help me to persevere in life.

Where I was in my past and how I am improving my life for the future.

Growing up for me wasn't really easy. I stayed in Retreat with my mothers mother and I went school I went to school in retreat. Once my grandma died my world ended and I didnt really know what to do. I know came to stay with my other grandma hoping things would get better for me but it didn't.

When starting with high school I though I needed to fit in with the cool kids on the school, do all the wrong things because I thought what I was doing is right. Look where it got me. I dropped out of school cause I thought I was the cool kid. Look where my friends are today, all in matric finishing school and me dropped out and a nothing.

But since I came to the Youth Cafe my life changed drastically. It opened my mind. They are helping me to find my self and wanting to help for fill my dream to become a software developer.
I know I can do it and I know the Youth Cafe is supporting me every step of the way.