Wednesday, 2 March 2016

The Path I Chose

Contrary to popular belief not everyone goes through or overcomes the same tests and choices in our lives. Not everyone thinks the same or re-acts the same so EVERYBODY is different in some way and this post right here is the journey i took in pursuit of a different and fulfilling life.

Looking back at where ive been i can truthfully say my journey was hard but not impossible.
I come from a large family so growing up my father being a family orientated guy i followed in that path. Family is more important to me than any amount of money or other worldly and corrupted distraction. It literally runs in my veins to be the responsible one and the one to take charge because of many elements and tribulations that had tested me in the past.

One of the most influential incidents that changed  my perceptive of life is finding out that my mother and father were not meant for each other and there paths and time together were limited and they separated. This happened round about the time i was 12 years old, and having a younger brother and sister around looking up to me i had to step up my game and be the responsible one but being the oldest son in our family the title of "boeta" was always set out for me and i had no choice but to accept the responsibilities.

I now have 4 sisters and a younger brother to look after but coming to terms with who i am and my responsibilities as the oldest boy has made me a better person. In my religion we call that person who takes charge in his family The Wakeel which practically means Man of the House and 
i have accepted this responsibility to the fullest.


  1. I can relate to you. me being the middle child...Top Stuff

  2. I think you are truthful and sincere in what you say,your story might change lives.