Friday, 4 March 2016

'Who i was and what i am now...

WHO I WAS.......

I was a very rude boy i did not wanted to take note from big people i wanted my way i wanted to be that kind of guy but no im making a full of my self too pretend im that boy i wanted to impress my guests.

I was taking everything for and joke i was laughing for my life for me it was like i am born to hustle my mom did not wanted to give me money for me it was like im not part of my family i wanted to build a more inclusive society.I was like a wanted person i was part of selling drugs and cops took all my drug  and arrested me.For me it trough my friends because i want too impress my friends because i want to show them i can also do it i was and wine head i use to gamble every day smoking grades.

WHO I AM NOW.......

Who i am now,im a very business man who is living in the brand going out every weekends double the joy for me im rich living the lifestyle i have to latest car in my garage at home but im just driving my favourite car and that is a nissan .Im living next to the sea water big house four mades in my house i have 3 children.

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