Friday, 4 March 2016

my growth

I was the kind of person that never wanted to admit that i am less that perfect.
I never had faith in myself , always made bad choices.
I never wanted to listen to my aunt because i was stubborn and always wanted things to go my way.

I am 18 years old now and i made a choice in my life, my choice is to actually be the person i want to be.
I am the kind of of person anyone can rely on and i excel under pressure
I don;t want to give up when i still have something to give, nothing is really over until the moment i stop trying.
I am proud to say that i am not afraid to encounter risks, it is that fragile that binds me together.
I have have faith in myself and i believe that almighty changes people and changes things.
I am preparing me for opportunity to make a success of myself.
I pray for those who don;t belief but i thank you that i believe.
Because of the youth cafe i,ve found my purpose, it helps provide a place for me to grow and be the best i can be.
The youth cafe has become my second home and we are all a family.

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