Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Where I was in my past and how I am improving my life for the future.

Growing up for me wasn't really easy. I stayed in Retreat with my mothers mother and I went school I went to school in retreat. Once my grandma died my world ended and I didnt really know what to do. I know came to stay with my other grandma hoping things would get better for me but it didn't.

When starting with high school I though I needed to fit in with the cool kids on the school, do all the wrong things because I thought what I was doing is right. Look where it got me. I dropped out of school cause I thought I was the cool kid. Look where my friends are today, all in matric finishing school and me dropped out and a nothing.

But since I came to the Youth Cafe my life changed drastically. It opened my mind. They are helping me to find my self and wanting to help for fill my dream to become a software developer.
I know I can do it and I know the Youth Cafe is supporting me every step of the way. 

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