Wednesday, 2 March 2016

My life's story

My life has been an epic one full of trials and tribulations that sometimes brought me down to a point of no return or so i thought.My journey through a  hellish cycle made me appreciate everything good or bad,because without either of the other neither can be appreciated.

My father was murdered and it shook me like an earthquake in a flood,i thought that nothing seemed to be of purpose and that whatever effort i made would just get fluffed of like cannon fodder.I was as negative as can be and my motivation did not seem to exist,The year my father was murdered i failed grade 9 and that took what little motivation i had,if any.
i finally completed grade 9 and moved on to grade 10,but something still did not sit well with me in terms of my life and who i wanted to be...i could not figure out what was eating at me from the inside.My fathers death may have played a role in my lack of confidence but there was something more to it than that,there was a serious urge in me to desperately find out who and what i wanted to be,what makes me happy,what makes me tick.It was a year journey of misconception and lack of communication between me and my family and at the beginning of grade 10 i dropped out,not knowing what i was doing but just feeling it was right and so the year went on i was out of control.
Then one day i came to a conclusion what really makes me happy,that which makes me tick that makes me who i am,it was my love for the ocean,i thought about it over and over and i still came to the conclusion that the ocean drove me as an individual,my love for the ocean and wanting to be by it pulled me out of a situation that already buried me so deep,but then i thought what of my schooling.However that was not a problem as my drive was there,and my determination to become a marine biologist managed to get me to matric and i succeeded.Today i sit at the youth cafe,not yet a marine biologist but in hopes of still becoming one,the youth cafe keeps me concentrated and motivated,i am here to improve myself and i am willing to take on whatever challenges awaits for me in order to achieve my dream that saved me.

The conclusion to my story is to never forget who you are and what your passion is,the love for what you really love can save your life without anyones help,it worked for me because it gave me drive and determination to get through the toughest part of my life so far and i am confident it will help me to persevere in life.


  1. Allah only helps those who helps themselves bru and truely you have been helped.

  2. Allah only helps those who helps themselves bru and truely you have been helped.