Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Looking Back At The Past


WHAT IS CHANGE?...Change is the development physically,mentally and emotionally.It impacts our life in different aspects on how we use to be and how we transformed into the person we are today. I've undergone a change in my life and I have the Youth Cafe to thank for it.

I've done a lot of things in past that I'm not proud of and the only person I can blame for that is myself.I come from a family of four,my mom,dad,my sister and I.My dad is the only one that works in the house so most of the time it would be a struggle but we get by through the day. I've always thought that my dad would've liked to have a son because he doesn't interact with us as much as we want him to.He was never there when we would have family functions.When he'd come home from work he would just drop his bag,take a bath and leave again to hang out with  his friends.He is a drug
addict so whenever he needs to buy his things and he didn't have the money for it he would steal of our household things and sell it to someone else just so that he can buy his necessities.

I feel that,that is what impacted my life so strongly,that motivated me to do the wrong things.My first day on high school I immediately interacted with the wrong crowd.I use to party every weekend,drink occasionally,smoke cigarettes among other things and I just felt my life going in the wrong direction.I never trusted anyone,never got personal with anyone.I would always hide my real life away from everyone.My consolation was being on my own listening to music and drawing.As the years went on I came to realize that this isn't the life I wanted for myself.I wanted to make a success of myself,wanted to dream big and make a reality of that dream and the Youth Cafe helped me with that in a lot of aspects.



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