Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Said like an South African

Said like an South African

Words created by us South Africans 

Ballie - an older man 
Laitie - a younger person 
Laanie - a smart guy  as in 'well-to-do'
Toyi-Toyi - protest
Gogga - and insect or a bug 
Hayibo! - WOW (from and zulu ,'definitely not')
Poep - fart 
Domkop - idiot 
Ek se - i say 
Voetsek - go away 
Howzit - how you 
Nooit - never 
Babbelas - hangover
Dik bek - grumpy
Dinges - thingamabob, wotzit or a whatchamacallit 

Words other countries will never understand until they come to cape town . 
I am a proud South African. 

motivational quote
Search in your past for what is good and beautiful. And build your future from there.

Thursday, 7 July 2016



I'm very proud of myself because i never had what i have now and im am looking forward towards what i have now because they say start of what you have now so i have gained various of knowledge and subjects and im very thankful towards the "STAFF" who have gained me that knowledge"

Now i can go out there and do things on my own i never had the ability's too do things on my own i always thouted that i can't do it or im going to lose or fail and that breaks me down for not doing it but now i can go up too you and speak and approach you in a better,good way and im very proud of myself.    

There's a first time for everything

Hi guy's , This is my first time i'm blogging and i find it amazing .I'm a 18 year old teenager with a son . Before i became a zafe at the Youth Cafe Vangate , I was just a teenager at home no schooling no occupation i always doubt myself saying things like i'd never be able to become who i want to be in life because i dropped out of school in the middle of my grade 10 and i always thought that i wont be able to achieve my goals , dreams and my hearts desires , but then i found out about the youth cafe vangate and i felt overwhelmed it was like a dream come true , and chance for me to achieve my goals and visions , I am truly honored to be apart of the youth cafe , and its the best place for a person to find themselves :).

My Growth As To Who I Was Before To Where I Am Today

Let Me Tell Who I Was Before. 

Before I knew about Rlabs, I was quiet teenager, looking to try out new things didn't know what to expect from when trying it out. 
Me As A Teenager Trying Out New Stuff
As I got older new things got exposed to me and I thought it was cool. I got friends that were bad influence in my life. Family members that always put me down. life was not a easy ride for me I wont lie but I looked past those things and became a better person in life.
Me Meeting My Bad Influenced Friends
Family Members That Still Putting Me Down 

Who I Am Today As A Person Now That I Found About Rlabs.

The day I found out about Rlabs I thought I was gonna waste my time there, but as I came to know about Rlabs my life changed for the better. I realized that life is not all about partying, friends and having a good time. 

I dropped all my friends and only got 3 friends now. I stop drinking and partying with my friends. 

I'm learning new things that I never thought I would need in the future. 

So I'm Ending This Off With A Quote:

How far i have come and grown

I have grown i have conqerd day by day
Where at times life had now meaning
But there is light at the end with the grace
Of good people put in our lifes .

Where learning is the key to succeed
With pacients and kindnes ,it maybe
hard at times the aim is to never give up


My Life 2016

My Life 2016

Hi everyone.
I am 17 year old teenager and is interesting in changing peoples lives, their mindsets and letting them reach out for their goals. I'm attending the Youth Cafe in Vangate and acquiring myself with knowledge and skills so that i can better myself to communicate with others and give back to the community.

Youth Cafe Vangate is an awesome place to be because we are all like a family and look up to each other.The organisation has changed my life because the person whom i was before the Youth Cafe i never liked ,the person i am now # i Love him so much.The facilitators at the Cafe are very caring and very motivated to motivate.

My biggest ambition in life is to become an successful entrepreneur and have a great family.
I want to leave a legacy behind me so that people would know me as the one who have changed his life for the better and through all the negative things he managed to still always be positive.

Theres a saying that runs :
# I know this world is so cold and Deceiving ,But i keep my head up like my nose is bleeding.
I stick to that quote because I am ,and will become the successful entrepreneur.