Thursday, 7 July 2016

My Growth As To Who I Was Before To Where I Am Today

Let Me Tell Who I Was Before. 

Before I knew about Rlabs, I was quiet teenager, looking to try out new things didn't know what to expect from when trying it out. 
Me As A Teenager Trying Out New Stuff
As I got older new things got exposed to me and I thought it was cool. I got friends that were bad influence in my life. Family members that always put me down. life was not a easy ride for me I wont lie but I looked past those things and became a better person in life.
Me Meeting My Bad Influenced Friends
Family Members That Still Putting Me Down 

Who I Am Today As A Person Now That I Found About Rlabs.

The day I found out about Rlabs I thought I was gonna waste my time there, but as I came to know about Rlabs my life changed for the better. I realized that life is not all about partying, friends and having a good time. 

I dropped all my friends and only got 3 friends now. I stop drinking and partying with my friends. 

I'm learning new things that I never thought I would need in the future. 

So I'm Ending This Off With A Quote:

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