Thursday, 7 July 2016

My Life 2016

My Life 2016

Hi everyone.
I am 17 year old teenager and is interesting in changing peoples lives, their mindsets and letting them reach out for their goals. I'm attending the Youth Cafe in Vangate and acquiring myself with knowledge and skills so that i can better myself to communicate with others and give back to the community.

Youth Cafe Vangate is an awesome place to be because we are all like a family and look up to each other.The organisation has changed my life because the person whom i was before the Youth Cafe i never liked ,the person i am now # i Love him so much.The facilitators at the Cafe are very caring and very motivated to motivate.

My biggest ambition in life is to become an successful entrepreneur and have a great family.
I want to leave a legacy behind me so that people would know me as the one who have changed his life for the better and through all the negative things he managed to still always be positive.

Theres a saying that runs :
# I know this world is so cold and Deceiving ,But i keep my head up like my nose is bleeding.
I stick to that quote because I am ,and will become the successful entrepreneur.

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