Thursday, 25 February 2016

Journey At The Youth Cafe

The first time i came in the cafe, i took a nice picture of it and posted it.
The cafe is the truth, they are inviting people to learn and to strive for success through knowledge.
The cafe is helping the youth to learn how to communicate with one another . 

I am learning how to come out of my comfort zone and they help me to believe in myself.
I felt like i can always end my days with positive thoughts, no matter how hard things may seem, tomorrows a fresh opportunity to make things better. Cafe learned me that i must not believe that almighty will do what i want, it is the believe that almighty will do what he think is right. My journey so far at the Youth Cafe has been good. Everyday Im learning new things and meeting new people whom I've become friends with.Youth Cafe has become family to me cause its different to the environment i have going on at home and the friends I have here as well.

Everyday when i get home from the Youth Cafe I'd always have stories to tell my friends and family.I would tell them about how my day had been and all the activities that took part in our sessions.Learning about new things like Entrepreneurship and leadership Skills these are the kind of things that interest me cause its things i never knew before.I now have somethings to look forward to each and every morning when i wake up and thats walking in the doors at the Youth Cafe where Hope and Opportunities are awaiting for myself and many others.Im looking forward to whats install for the rest of the year here at the Youth Cafe.