Thursday, 25 February 2016

The first day i came to the youth cafe

the day i came to the youth cafe i was actually very shy to talk to people and when they introduced us to the youth cafe members it was super amazing i really enjoyed it 

I was a very negative person and when i attended the youth cafe they spoke to us and they told us never put your self down always think good about yourself because if you going to think negative about yourself you never gonna reach the goals you want to be in life c

The youth cafe really helped me so much.that it brings me out of my comfort zone bring me to what i want to become in life one day.learning things i never new to become successful in life.the environment in the youth cafe its really amazing the fun we have the things we do the work we learn its super amazing,he youth cafe members are really amazing

And the fact that i came to the youth cafe is to be more successful in life.and everybody communicates with one author.and it is a new begging in life.and there,s so much opportunities at the youth cafe.and the things i love to do at the youth cafe is entrepreneurship.and leadership and i would love to learn about the digital 

And i,am really  looking forward to the install myself  for the rest of my year at the youth cafe

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