Friday, 26 February 2016

My Favorite Session

(My favorite sessions at the Youth Cafe is Job Readiness And Digital.)

Why those to sessions is because the facilitators that facilitate those two sessions are the best.

Job Readiness is facilitated by Edson (One the managers of the Youth Cafe). 

Job Readiness is all about getting us Zafes at the Youth Cafe ready for the work force. Like making a proper CV and getting us ready for being interviewed. But Edson does not just teach us that. He teachers us how to be confidants in our self and how to stay positive no matter what circumstance you in and that why Job Readiness is one of my favorites

Digital is facilitated by Taryn

Digital is all about teaching us Zafes at the Youth Cafe about Google and how to use the Google apps to its fullest functions. I use google alot and there is so much things I did not know about Google and its apps. Thats why Digital is one of my favorite.

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