Monday, 29 February 2016

Thee Youth Cafe

My name is Aqeel Jansen aged at 17 years old.On the 24th of February I started to join the Youth cafe,although it was my first day at the cafe,they welcomed me with open arms.Before I was at the youth cafe i was still at school,but since I've failed for my first time in grade 11,i felt useless.I made sure everyday that i should come late at school so that i can go again home.  

I started my first class on Wednesday at 10:30,at first i was nervous and shy because it was all new faces that i saw but later on in the day met everyone properly.The tutors at the cafe are very friendly,and the vibe at the cafe is very excellent because everybody communicates very well with each other.I met a lot of new friends and people that come from a variety of places.

What i expect from the youth cafe is to become a successful entrepreneur and build up my leadership skills so that i can set an example to other young youths in all community's.The reason why i started attending the youth cafe is because i have set a few goals that i want to achieve,and i did not want to attend school anymore.The reason why i didn't want to attend school anymore because at school every week i got suspended,and my parents had to be at school.

I left school to make a change in life and achieve my goals that i have set.I want to have an excellent future ahead of myself.

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