Thursday, 25 February 2016

Youth cafe experience

My first day at youth cafe i was so excitement  cause what  knew was that it would be  the  last time i mixed myself wrong souls.the time i was at youth cafe I experienced the most family love and as a person who has a bad background.although i had a support at home  that I was given .the youth cafe experience gave that motivation to express myself and how will I succeed in life.

The youth cafe made me see things different things that I thought they where cool to me different now i can make something out of my life changing my mindset,changing my life is difficult.The youth cafe made me realize that when you want something be hungry for success doesn't come as an plate of lunch.
My life is changing from darkness to brightness it make me be a better person in life.if wasn't  for the youth cafe i would be out there looking for bad influence that i was mixing myself with those bad influences in life.

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