Monday, 29 February 2016

My journey at Youth Cafe

My life at Youth Cafe is fun and exciting .I started at Youth Cafe like Three weeks ago .My first day at the Youth Cafe was the best because I did not know anyone at the Cafe but then I got to know the other members of the Youth Cafe .The vibe that you experience in the morning when you walk pass the door is like your second house because everyone at the Youth Cafe is like a family.
What I also like of the Youth Cafe is the way it looks from the inside because it is decorated with colorful walls and paintings that will attract anyone as they pass the door.The way they let it looks on the inside you will feel like you will never want to get out of the Youth Cafe .

There is lots of things that a young person would like at the Youth Cafe because at the Youth Cafe they will learn you how to earn as a  young person .When we go to lessons at the Cafe we earn points [Zlato] so that we can buy us our needs and wants.What I like is the Digital Session that is my favorite because when I came at the Youth Cafe I did not know how to use a Laptop but now I can at least log in on Blogger and text my journey at Youth Cafe on the Internet .Youth Cafe is really the place to be for any Youth so they can understand where they  came from and that there is still hope at Youth Cafe with the dreams you have because no dream is to big.

When I leave the Youth Cafe I want to help other Youth who is struggling in my community and other areas with poverty and other issues they  fight with in there every day lives with the skill that I developed at the Youth Cafe.

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