Thursday, 25 February 2016

The first day I came to the youth cafe.

The first day I came to the youth cafe it was like new to me. I didn't know what to expect because it looked like a place where students and old people hang out or thats what I thought of the place. But coming to the youth cafe I realized that its a place for the youth to learn things they diddn't know like myself for example.

Before I came to the Youth Cafe I was a bad person in my community. I sold drugs for gangsters and had bad friends and I was disrespectful to anyone that wanted to tell me what im doing is wrong and I thought what I was doing was the right way in life.

One day my father came to my grandmas house and told me about RLABS and that I should apply for a course that im good at doing.

The next day I went to RLABS H.Q and spoke to Marlon Parker. He explained to me that I came to late to apply for a course at RLABS but I could attend the Youth Cafe which is something similar to RLABS and that I could learn new things their. He (Marlon Parker) signed me up to the ZLTO system and told me that I should go check the place out. I went to the Youth Cafe for the first time and it looked awesome like a hang out joint but with learning vibe to it.

Im now one of the longest zafes here at the Youth Cafe and its the best choice I could have made in my life.

So I would recommend other youth in the area to come join the Youth Cafe because it changed me alot so it would change the youth alot in a positive way.

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